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4 Self Care Tips to Adopt During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nikhila Sastry

10 Sept 2020



The unforeseen outbreak and the unprecedented lockdown, combined with the pressures of work from home with chores at home, can feel overwhelming, to say the least.

During stressful times like these, with uncertainty looming around the corner and the entire world making changes to adapt to the quarantine lifestyle, it is not uncommon for self-care to take a back seat. We are not going to bore you with lectures on social distancing or washing hands for at least 20 seconds which have anyways become the new self-care regime. That's because we trust that you are already taking all the necessary precautions to stay safe.

In this post, we look at a few insights into how we can make self-care a priority to fully equip you to take charge of your quarantine life.

In this blog, you will finds tips on:

Tip #1: Get Organized

Well, you probably weren't expecting this, but here it is because self-care begins when you begin to get organized.

Organized people aren't born organized. They just cultivate healthy habits that help them stay organized.

"For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned." - Benjamin Franklin

Start your morning on the previous day evening. Plan your next day at the end of your workday today. Manage your energy, not just your time.

Chalk out a schedule for all the tasks, be it chores or work-related meetings, to be accomplished for the next day.

Preferably start your day with personal growth. Read a book you always wanted to complete, listen to your favorite music, pick up a new hobby, or get your juices flowing.

Rejuvenate your energy before you give your energy to others.

Tip #2: Get Moving

Remember all the time you spent during a commute, running errands, or waiting for a cab, whiling away your time sitting idle?

Use that time at hand now to get some sunshine, pick up a new hobby, take a brisk walk, sweat it out all the way, or whatever interests you.

Did you know that exercise can make you feel happier, more energetic, more productive at work, and hence more self-sufficient?

Find the time to do something every day to keep you physically, mentally, and spiritually fit.

Be it intense Cardio workouts, sassy Zumba moves or relaxing Yoga stretches. Find what you enjoy and practice exercise or mindfulness every day to keep stress at bay.

Tip #3: Get Healthy

We all know what the three main sources of energy are: Food, Water, and Sleep.

Ensure that you get enough of each of them.

By enough food, we do not mean gorging on snacks and junk every 15 minutes.

Eat healthy, nutritious, and immunity-boosting foods.

Drink plenty of water to kick out the toxins. Remember that there cannot be productivity without recovery and make sleep a high-priority activity.

"The First Wealth is Health" - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tip #4: Get Financially Planned

Believe it or not, every step you take towards planning and accomplishing your personal financial goals is an incredible act of self-care.

What the drastic downfall of the economy would entail is unpredictable, hence planning your finances effectively is more important than ever now.

So, don't neglect your savings. Having an emergency fund is essential, and we can't stress that enough. A general rule of thumb is to save at least 6 months' worth of expenses for the emergency fund.

Having a smart, effective, and actionable plan in place is not a luxury anymore. It is an absolute necessity because investment in financial fitness pays the best interest.

Make productive use of quarantine life and take this opportunity to organize your life.

Stay healthy and fit; physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially.

Here are few more tips on self-care during this pandemic.

We, at MoneyPlanned, wish you the best and nothing but the best. Stay safe and stay protected.

Most importantly, take care of yourself, your finances, and your goals.


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