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3 Reasons Why Financial Planning Is Imperative For Success In Life

In this rather off-beat post, we explore three simple yet powerful reasons why you should consider financial planning regardless of your philosophy in life, the person you are, your income levels.

Without much ado, let's get straight into it.

1. Financial Planning Is For Everyone

There are all kinds of people in life.

You may be one of those happy-go-lucky souls who has an easy-going attitude towards life and its experiences. Maybe you believe that planning kills the magic and joy of moments. That's an amazing attitude. Be you!

Else, you may be one of those disciplined souls who has a strategic approach to things and wants a meticulous plan in hand. Maybe you believe that if you aim at nothing, you always hit it. That's just awesome. You rock!

Regardless of who you are and what you identify with in life, you cannot afford to go with the flow in the case of your finances. Absolutely not!

But, why? Well, that's the nature of money and life on this planet.

You love money or you hate it, you think of it or you don't; you surely need it.

To achieve balance in life, it is important to associate your money with your goals in life. That's what financial planning is all about.

Financial planning is for everyone. It is as much for the disciplined ones as it is for the happy-go-lucky ones. It is as much for the ambitious ones as it is for the laid-back ones.

The one and the only way to stay on top of your finances is to plan them effectively. There is just no other way.

You may be earning more than enough or struggling to make both ends meet. You may be spiritual or materialistic. You may be thriving or merely surviving. Regardless, everyone needs financial planning.

At MoneyPlanned, we not only simplify the extremely complicated process of financial planning but also help you plan, execute, & track your finances effortlessly and seamlessly.

However, there's absolutely and undoubtedly no alternative to smart financial planning.

2. Smart Financial Planning Makes You Smarter

Here's what one of the richest people in the world said about planning!

"An idiot with a plan always beats a genius without a plan" - Warren Buffet

Here's what we say about planning!

Setting S.M.A.R.T financial goals for yourself is a super smart move. If you're wondering what S.M.A.R.T goals are, here it is!

The smarter you get, the more you want to simplify complex things. The smarter you get, the more stress you can eliminate from your life.

Smart people go for simple and easy yet powerful options. Smart people like to be peaceful so they can focus on what really matters to them in life.

3. Financial Planning Keeps Stress At Bay

Money is the one of the biggest sources of stress in the world

There are several stats that prove that in today's day and age money is more stressful than work or relationships.

If you choose to be nonchalant about your finances, chances are you might eventually end up creating a load of stress for you to handle.

In a survey conducted back in 2018, we at MoneyPlanned found that most people refrain from financial planning because they view it as a stressful activity.

They absolutely detest the lengthy, unreadable, and complex financial statements & reports that they usually associate with the process.

If that's the case with you, we feel you. Trust us when we say we abhor big numbers and going through lengthy, complex reports that don't really make any sense.

It was a passion to solve this complexity involved with finances that led to the birth of MoneyPlanned. It is our mission to empower people with a smart, powerful platform that brings ease and fun into finances.

Staying on top of your goals effortlessly makes you a peaceful person.

Being in control of your finances is the greatest stress reliever.

Financial planning gives us security. It enables us to handle any emergency or unforeseen situation with confidence and ease.

Financial security is a worthwhile goal to pursue in life and it is attainable only through financial planning.


Everyone has financial goals to achieve, be it big or small. Hence, the most basic concept of financial planning is for everyone regardless of their income levels, age, personality type, etc.

Setting S.M.A.R.T financial goals is a smart move that not just improves the quality of our life but also gives us a sense of accomplishment.

Financial planning helps reduce stress and prepares you for any unforeseen situation.

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