• Sameer Shashank

How to set better and bigger goals easily?

"Goals give us long-term vision and short-term motivation"

Goals are important to achieve anything in life.

There isn't a day that goes by without setting a few goals.

Meeting a deadline at work, getting tasks done at home, checking off your to-do lists.

These are all teeny-weeny little goals we set for ourselves to get by the day.

We've come up with some pointers and tips in order to help you set bigger and better financial goals in life.

Tip #1: Setting SMART goals

Investing in SMART goals is a smart move.

Here, S.M.A.R.T is an acronym.

To begin with, your goals must be specific.

What is it that you want? To buy a home? To go on a vacation?

Then, where? How much does it cost?

Goal setting is incomplete if it's not quantifiable.

It is imperative that the goal is achievable and realistic. Else, what's the point of pursuit, right?

Do you know by when you want to achieve that goal? A goal without a timeline is just a dream.

In today's fast-paced day and age, your energy and time are the most valuable resources. It is only worthwhile to invest these in endeavors that will accelerate your growth.

Hard work takes a lot of time and effort. While smart work makes your life easier.

Start setting your goals smartly here.

Tip #2: Prioritize Your Goals

Give your goals a priority; both in terms of money and time.

Is your child's education more important at the moment? Or is it your retirement goal?

Can you handle your home loan EMI at the same time?

These are answers only you can give.

When you are planning for big goals that matter a lot in your life, it helps to have a holistic picture of all your goals put together.

Set your goals according to your priority. in terms of how much money you can allocate for that goal and by when you want to accomplish it.

Tip #3: Give Yourself Freedom To Explore

When setting big goals, it is important to explore various options.

In order to explore, it is important to have the freedom to vary the parameters involved in your goal.

MoneyPlanned helps you do just that and a lot more.

Using MoneyPlanned you get to quickly simulate all the different ways you can plan your goals.

For instance, what if you could instantly see how much you could save if you bought a house 1 year from vs 3 years from now?

MoneyPlanned is a technology-based online financial planning service that helps you take charge of your goals.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

At MoneyPlanned, we place the power of deep financial planning in your hands.

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