• Sameer Shashank

What is Money?

Money! Money! Money!

Hate it or love it, you surely need it!

Nothing in our society is untouched by money. It permeates every area and aspect of our lives.

Some believe that money is the root of all evil. Some believe money equals happiness.

Some think of it all day. Some believe the very thought of it is a sin.

Why is something that is so important to the quality of our life, so perplexing and so mysterious?

We as a society have been conditioned to look at money as all things evil.

Money is construed as the cause of all things evil.

Doesn't it strike you irony? We despise the love of money yet want more money. It makes no sense at all!

In reality, isn't it the lack of money that causes a myriad of problems in society today. Ill-health, divorce, crime, are born out of poverty.

Then, why is it that there are so many rich corrupt people? You might ask.

Money is a mirror.

Oh yes, it is. It reflects and magnifies who you are from within already.

It makes a good man better. It makes a bad man worse.

There are stingy, corrupt billionaires and there are philanthropist billionaires as well.

That's what a lot of money does to people. Amplifies who they are deep within. Sadly very few people

Casting aside all this philosophy, let's look at money for what it truly is.

What exactly is money?

Money is a medium of exchange and a tool of the trade.

Nothing more and nothing less.

Money equalizes value. Money stores values.

The value you create is proportional to the money you make. This is the philosophy of wealth creation. It forms the very basis of civilization.

By itself, money is a mere piece of paper. It is what it represents that gives it value.

Money represents your hard work. Money represents your talents and skills. Money represents your productivity. Money represents progress.

Money determines the quality of your life.

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