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Save money on big goals with easy plans

Save money on big goals with easy plans

Cost of Goal




Loan Tenure


Why plan with MoneyPlanned ?

With a truly end-to-end planning tool, and a familiar experience you will find it easy to experiment and build a convenient, prosperous financial life.

We make it easy

We provide optimized templates for most goals you can think of, and you can customize them easily. For anything else too, we make sure you can plan it easily.

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Here's how much you can save

It's quick, easy and convenient to set up a plan that could save you a ton. Just take a few moments to set up your future goals now, and enjoy the huge savings for years to come.

If you buy a  


  that costs  ₹

  for a loan tenure of  


Without MoneyPlanned

₹ 1.5 Lakhs

₹ 2.12 Cr

*Downpayment: ₹ 30.0 Lakhs

With MoneyPlanned


₹ 1.82 Cr

*Downpayment: ₹ 89.3 Lakhs

49% Less EMI

Total Cost

If you save 


 per month for 

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