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Personalised financial planning, investments & automated tracking

Plan Your Life, Not
Just Your Finances

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How We Help You In Achieving Goals

Plan your goals

Our all-in-one platform streamlines planning for short-term & long-term goals, so you can achieve your dreams without breaking a sweat. Say goodbye to financial stress and hello to financial freedom!

Invest in

the best

Premium multi-asset portfolios personalised for your goals to get maximum returns with minimum risk.

Achieve goals

with ease

Reaching your goals is a breeze with us. Make your financial dreams a reality with our top-notch tech.

Track all

your money

All your finances in one place - investments, bank savings, retirement planning, loans, banking, credit cards & more.

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Powering your Success with Stellar Partnerships
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Calculate How Far You Can Go With Us

With MoneyPlanned, staying on track for your goals is easier than ever. Slide below to see how many goals you can achieve easily with a monthly saving habit in just

5 years

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Select your goal
Customise Investment Portfolio
Automate investing
You can get started without any previous investment experience
Invest your way to financial freedom

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Goal Setting In Just 3 Steps 

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Retirement planning

Don’t leave your golden years to chance! Our retirement planner, designed by experts, makes it easy to plan for the future and retire in style. Get a clear picture of your corpus with our best-in-class platform. 

Tax Saving

Say goodbye to tax season stress! Our tax-saving tool helps you maximize your savings and keep more money in your pocket. We’ll make sure you never miss a deduction and make smart tax-saving investments.

Clear Debts

Ready to take control of your finances? Our debt-clearing planner creates a personalised plan to tackle debt head on. It empowers you to pay off debts faster and track progress. Say hello to a debt-free future.