Your Financial Goals On Autopilot

We make financial planning simple, so you can have complete peace of mind. And we help you do a lot more with your money through smart plans.

Make your financial decisions with confidence

We help you with deep financial planning including inflation, market volatility and taxes.

So you can make your big and small financial decisions with 100% clarity and confidence

Get upto 3x more value from your money

Dig into our treasure trove of examples of how smart financial planning can transform your life, and how you can do a lot more with no "risky investments"

It's simple to get started

With our radically new experience design you'll find every moment of planning your goals intuitive and fun.

Stay on top of your goals effortlessly

Track and manage your goals from start to end on a simple and powerful dashboard. Access regular reports and recommendations for your financial goals.

What our customers say

" It's easy to plan your finances in MoneyPlanned. For someone who doesn't know finance very well this is the place to start "


SDE, Swiggy

280 +

Easy To Use

Planning Templates


Types Of Goal

Planning Offered

₹ 40.06 Cr

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We simplify financial goals and user experiences.
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