About Us

We put simplicity and fun into finances. We are creating a platform to make owning your dream car, or planning your investments as easy as online shopping.

Our mission is to make your life peaceful, prosperous and exciting


We do this by making financial goals easy to setup and achieve

And we live by these values

Making processes easy

Being simple and transparent

Tackling big problems with elegant solutions


What services do I get from MoneyPlanned?

With MoneyPlanned, you get access to the following services-
1. A powerful personal financial planning platform and app 2. Financial products marketplace, application & processing assistance 3. Efficient tracking and reminders for your personal financial goals 4. Goals and budgets recommendations 5. Online shopping and bookings assistance

What are the charges for your services?

For our customers, we offer a free trial for the first goal. After that, we start charging you as per our subscription plans- ranging from ₹ 200-600 per month depending on the goals you want to plan. We also provide a lot of value added services for these plans. You can find our pricing structure and features for each plan here.

How does MoneyPlanned make money and how much?

Currently, at MoneyPlanned we make money from the following sources- 1. Loan application referrals to Loanbaba - our comission structure is detailed here 2. Premium subscription plans you opt for (if any) for additional value added services.

What data does MoneyPlanned store/collect for personalised service?

We store and collect the following data for personalised service- 1. Any goals you plan through MoneyPlanned- we track the goal amount, category, progress status, etc 2. Your personal financial profile data including- your net monthly salary, your living expenses and existing EMIs, your savings account balance,your age, your name and email ID. We do not retrieve this data from your personal accounts, but only from the forms you fill and we only take the data you choose to provide.

What do you do with my personal data?

At MoneyPlanned, there is only one purpose for your personal data. That is to help you with the best, personalized service. We use your personal data (that too very limited data-nothing like phone number, bank details, etc.) to recommend goals for you, or to help you fill out any loan applications, etc faster. All uses of your personal data are accompanied by explicit consent from you, and we only take the data you choose to fill. Absolutely no ads, no spam, no data 'intelligence', etc. We ourselves are tired of all that, and creating a really pleasant, value-adding service for our customers is the TOPMOST priority in our mission.

Is MoneyPlanned a registered financial advisor/investment agency, etc?

MoneyPlanned is registered with AMFI with ARN number 174030. We are also a DIY platform to put the power of financial planning in your hands.

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