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What Is Financial Abundance Mindset?

Nikhila Sastry

10 Sept 2020



Nothing in life is ever "enough". Isn't it?

It is in human nature to expand further and keep growing. No matter how good you are, there is always scope for being better.

No one is fully satisfied with their financial life either. Do you want to have more money? Of course. You bet!

If a fairy showed up to offer a cheque of a crore, would anyone whole-heartedly refuse?

Well, of course, there are noble souls who would refuse. But, it's hard to find them. They are probably meditating on a mountain in the Himalayas.

Who doesn't need a little more money? All of us do.

Everyone wants more money than they have; the rich, the well-to-do, and the poor alike.

Relentless striving for more gives us scope for improvement and self-development.

On the flip side, it may trap you in a vicious cycle of resentment and ingratitude.

Most people think that they can either relentlessly strive or be contented with what they have.

However, in reality, there need not be a dichotomy.

To live a prosperous and fulfilling life, a balance between contentment for what you have and a desire to create more is essential.

Balance is the way of the universe and that's what Financial Abundance is all about.

There are stinking rich millionaires who are a financial mess and live in a state of lack. They aren't financially abundant.

There are those who may not make a ton of money but are extremely grateful for what they have. They rejoice in what they have and know what they want. These are the truly financially abundant ones.

True Financial Abundance is a state of mind that radiates contentment, gratitude, and balance.

Financial Abundance is not about having more wealth. Financial Abundance is a feeling of gratitude for what you have.

It's about setting the financial bar that is right for you and your holistic well-being; neither too high nor too low.

Financial Abundance is that sweet balance between rejoicing & being grateful for what you already have and knowing how much is enough with a desire to achieve it.

Gratitude is the inoculation for any financial stress you may experience.

That's how wonderful things are attracted into your life.

The more gratitude you radiate, the more you receive from the universe.

Okay, okay! I get the point. Law of attraction, and blah blah. How easy is it to achieve that abundance state of mind? You might be thinking.

Truth be told, it is not as easy. But with daily practice of mindfulness and a commitment to developing a healthy relationship with money, it surely is.


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