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3 Steps To Efficient & Fun Financial Planning - The MoneyPlanned Way

Nikhila Sastry

5 May 2023



Financial Planning

The very word is either frightening or yawn-inducing.

But, does it really have to be? Why can't finances be easy and fun?

Finances & Fun? You've got to be kidding me!

MoneyPlanned does just that.

It brings fun to finances and breezes ease into your financial life.

First, ask yourself a few simple questions.

Do you know how much money you've been spending over the last month?

Do you keep track of your monthly cash flows?

Are you tracking your investments, saving deposits, and monthly cash flows in conjunction with one another?

Most importantly, do you have a holistic picture of your financial life?

If your answer to even any of the questions is 'No', then this blog is for you.

Here's what we explore in this blog:

Step #1: Plan Your Finances

With regard to finances, most people tend to go with the flow.

Most people jump right into investments without forming a clear picture of their goals.

However, planning should ideally be the first step of your financial journey.

Why is planning so essential?

Planning gives your dreams a direction. A goal without a plan is a wish after all.

The very first step of your financial planning journey should begin with your goals.

With MoneyPlanned you get to choose from any of the 12 life goal categories with about 350+ pre-made & highly customizable templates.

It comprehensively covers almost any goal you may plan to accomplish.

Say, you want to buy a car. You browse through the options, apply relevant filters, and select one that suits you best from across a host of options.

The simulation platform offered by MoneyPlanned helps you plan your goals efficiently and effortlessly.

You can easily vary various parameters involved in your goal and see how these parameters put together pan out.

For instance, you can compare the images above and below to see how increasing your savings and time of purchase can decrease your EMI.

You can play around with these factors to see what works out best.

What if suddenly you realize that the earlier plan wasn't working for you?

No problem! With MoneyPlanned, you can always edit and tweak your goal plans instantly to see how it pans out.

Step #2: Executing Your Finances

Execution refers to your goals in action. For instance, SIPs or savings, etc.

Even if you're completely new to the realm of financial planning, we've got your back.

We guide you through the process by unbiased recommendations of the best financial products in the market.

MoneyPlanned allows you to add your goals to the cart and provides an easy "Checkout" option for all your goals at once or individually.

This not only helps you get a clearer picture of each goal but also provides an overarching view of all your goals.

A detailed, easy-to-understand analysis of your plan.

What if I've suddenly changed my mind and want to try my goal differently?

Not to worry. You can edit your plan anytime with ease.

Step #3: Tracking Your Finances

Have you ever planned a goal, big or small, yet couldn't accomplish it because you couldn't keep track of it?

If yes, then know that this happens to all.

And at those instances, what if you had something like this (look at the picture below) to help you stay on top of your goals?

Makes your finances easy and fun, isn't it?

Planning is the first and undoubtedly the most crucial step.

Execution is to see your goals in action. But that's not where the story ends.

Yet another step that plays an instrumental role in seeing your goals to completion is Tracking.

Why is Tracking so important, anyway?

Years ago, the only form of cash was liquid cash. Spending money meant taking out physical, hard cash.

Transactions between buyers and sellers weren't as painless as they are today.

Spending money now is a matter of a click of a button.

Automatic deductions from credit cards, mobile wallets, and net banking have vastly enhanced buying experience.

It is incredibly easy to spend yet equally difficult to track.

Studies show that 30% of salaried employees live paycheck to paycheck. Most exhaust their income just halfway into the month with directionless expenses.

Did you know that most people abandon their big goals not because they can't afford to execute them but due to a lack of efficient tracking?

To help resolve all issues with tracking your expenses while staying on track with your goals, we have created the best dashboard ever.

On MoneyPlanned, you can seamlessly track your goals by linking all financial accounts.

All your goals can be accessed from a beautiful, innovative, and powerful dashboard.

You can easily link an unlimited number of financial accounts and products with your goals to enable tracking.

With the Dashboard, you can access your goal progress right away with actionable insights to achieve them faster.



MoneyPlanned makes financial planning simple, elegant, easy, and fun.

We provide an absolutely seamless user experience helping you stay on top of your finances with ease.

We bring together innovative, tech-driven methodology with modern, actionable philosophy to empower your financial life.

No lengthy, unreadable reports. No outrageous fees.

A simple three-step process to help you plan, execute, and track your goals effortlessly.

All this and much more at the price of lunch.

To get access to unlimited financial planning, take the premium subscription today.

You can find the MoneyPlanned app on Google PlayStore or AppStore.

For more exciting and fun bits of financial wisdom, do check out our blogs on Quora and Medium!


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