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3 Steps to Tune Your Money Mindset

Nikhila Sastry

10 Sept 2020



Our mindset drives our decisions and hence our results.

Did you know how profoundly the mental training we receive and the mindset we develop impact our monetary decisions too?

Let's find out!

"Visualization Leads to Actualization"

A quick heads up before we get going! Decide if this blogpost is for you before you go any further.

Do you want to explore the concept of abundance or prosperity mindset?

Are you willing to take the time out to invest in your personal and spiritual growth?

If Yes; Read on! You might just love it!

If No, that's no big deal! Explore more nuggets of wisdom and some actionable insights on personal finances at MoneyPlanned!

With that said, without much ado, let's go!

Consider this case, for instance. Out of 4 groups of Olympic athletes, a group with just 25% physical training along with 75% mental training had outperformed a group with 100% physical training. Don't believe us? Check it out here.

When your current mindset about your financial life is determined, it can then be fine-tuned to align it with the life of your dreams.

Gear up for some creative visualization exercises we have come up with to not only determine your current orientation but also to help you determine where you REALLY want to be.

For those of you who may not be spiritually inclined yet but are curious to explore, we highly recommend you to check out some meditation and manifestation techniques.

Creative visualization has unbelievable benefits and few of the extremely effective techniques are easier than you think.

Let's dive headfirst into your head. In this post, we will discuss about:

Step #1: What are your beliefs right now?

To explore your current beliefs, let's start with a few questions you can ask yourself.

How much do I see myself as capable of earning?

How well do I feel I can manage and make the best of my finances?

How simple or easy do I feel my financial life is?

Where do I see my financial life 5 years down the line?

Don't try too hard to think.

Just observe what comes up as you ask yourself these questions.

Make a mental note of them or write it down. Take notes if it helps.

Step #2: Relaxing and clearing mental blocks

Develop an unwinding/relaxing technique that suits you best and works for you.

Follow a guided meditation or listen to soothing sounds/music.

Slowly cast aside all mental blocks on possibility-impossibility or any other judgment your mind may be holding.

Try to eliminate any limiting or negative thought that tries to dampen your financial growth.

Simply put, enter a beautiful state; a state of relaxation, peace, and all things positive and happy.

Note: Ensure you spend enough time on the aspect of relaxation, as the mind is most receptive to your suggestions and fine-tuning in a relaxed state.

Step #3: Setting your intentions

Once in a beautiful state, it is about time for you to set the right intentions.

Imagine how you want your dream financial future to look like.

Select goals that are truly in tune with your desires.

Visualize your goals, and let your mind soak in the details of your goals and the feelings associated with them.

Set bold and confident goals for yourself.

Witness yourself managing your money effortlessly.

Visualize yourself making smart, informed financial decisions helping you create an abundant, well-planned, and wholesome future.

Visualize yourself effortlessly reaching your dream financial goals and responsibilities, while harmoniously enjoying yourself along the path.

Let your mind fully absorb the intentions you set for yourself.

Know that thoughts create reality.

You might also want to explore some manifestation techniques and vision boards.

Repeating such exercises regularly is all it takes to help yourself set new and confident directions in your financial life.

Now, get back to your everyday life with replenished vigor that your mental training will pay off in your financial management, thereby creating a peaceful financial life.


This might be very challenging to get a grasp on all at once. It takes an intense commitment to achieve tangible results. What matters is an alignment in thought and action on a daily basis to consciously make this shift in your mindset.

If you've read it this far, we are sure you've got all it takes to make that shift happen for real.

MoneyPlanned offers you a super simple yet powerful platform that helps you stay on top of your goals effortlessly. We also have an exclusive Money Mindset section where we discuss with you all about an abundance mindset and an implicit elimination of limiting beliefs.

We simplify the tedious process of planning your financial goals while suggesting the most efficient and effective financial decisions customized to fit your dreams.

With the right plan, you can not only do more with your money but can also enable your money to do up to 3x more for you.

You can find the MoneyPlanned app on Google PlayStore or AppStore.

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